Our ideal is to offer all-inclusive advice to cruise lines planning North European itineraries. Due to our position as a provider of both shore excursions and ships agency services we are in a unique position to advise clients on several aspects of potential itineraries.

Our experience and broad network of contacts ensures we can assist cruise lines with itinerary planning to keep costs low and shore excursion revenue is maximized. We also follow emerging ports closely and can offer advice on new destinations and their possible advantages versus existing ones.

With ECS as your partner the sum total of a portís possible advantages can be charted prior to being included on your itineraries. Port costs, distances, local regulations affecting calls, shore excursion capacities, port infrastructure, guide availability, venues and sights. All play a part and for ports in our area of operations ECS has the overview to keep you well informed before any decisions are made.

Our services include, but are not limited to:
  • Itinerary planning
  • Custom / tailor made shore excursions adjusted to your itinerary and guests
  • Port and pilotage cost planning
  • Distances between ports
  • Advise on congestions before itineraries will be published
  • Advise on alternative ports in case of rejected call by port authorities
  • Hospitality desk onboard your ships
  • Providing city maps free of charge