The best of two worlds

We combine the best of two worlds for our clients. We can offer a knowledgeable, modern and efficient operation from our headquarters in Bergen with regards to berth reservations, quality assurance and call costs both in advance, during and after calls.

In addition we have an experienced core of local agents along the Norwegian and Swedish coasts to handle the day-to-day tasks during ships' calls.

Network: We have our own representatives in the majority of the Norwegian ports - this ensures uniform service to your ships and quick follow-up on reporting from/to our main office in Bergen. No sub-agencies are involved which ensures clear structure and flawless procedure. We also use local personnel which has great knowledge of the port and destination.

In case of changes to itineraries due to weather / strikes / technical or any other factors we can react quick and “turn things around” both from a port agency and shorex point of view and cooperate resourceful and fast between the two departments.

One point of contact: With ECS as your agent the cruise lines have immediate access to all of Norway / Sweden / Denmark via a single email- and phone contact.

24/7 All Year Emergency phone/duty line: 0047 9284 2328

ECS offers first-rate ships agency services in ALL ports and cruise destinations in Scandinavia. We aim to offer the best and most cost efficient agency service in Scandinavia and our vision is to be amongst the top five worldwide.

Our services include, but are not limited to:
  • Ships clearance.
  • Pilot planning and cost estimates of different variations of inner lead / outer lead pilotage.
  • NOx Tax management.
  • Crew movement arrangements.
  • Medical follow-up and assistance for passengers and crew.
  • Turn around operations in all relevant ports.
  • Specialist knowledge on Svalbard cruises.
  • 24/7 service from HQ in Bergen.