We keep your guests satisfied.

We aim to offer tours which surpass your guests’ expectations. To reach this goal we have a team of highly qualified, dedicated and knowledgeable employees in our shore excursions department.

Our wide variety of shore excursions gives each guest the opportunity to enrich their cruise vacation and make each port and excursion something to remember fondly.

The beauty and varied nature of Northern Europe is unparalleled in the world. Whether the course is set for the Fjords, the Stockholm Archipelago, the North Cape, Wonderful Copenhagen, the Scottish Highlands, Spitsbergen or St. Petersburg – your passengers will experience well organized excursions through areas with unspoiled nature, traditional culture and breathtaking vistas!

Northern Europe is more than nature: Rich culture, tasty food, famous athletes and adventurers combined with long interesting history and wonderful art.

As the market leader European Cruise Service has unique access to detailed information on the majority of the ships, and their shore excursion operations, calling upon Northern European cruise destinations. This gives us a superb advantage enabling us to a large extent to avoid congestion and crowding on the various venues. With the aid of our Ships Agency Department we also put our effort into suggesting adjustments to ships itinerary to avoid congestion in crowded ports of call.

Along with our well established excursions we are constantly working on expanding and renewing our product. With more than 160 years of experience in handling shore excursions we have built a solid foundation to meet the challenges of the future!

With the abundance of product elements listed above as a starting point our services include, but are not limited to:
  • Tailor made excursions, with personal contact
  • Timings and descriptions available for all excursions
  • Capacity tested in advance against other conflicting traffic
  • Unique availability of highly educated multilingual guide pool through our subsidiaries Norwegian Guide Service, Oslo Guide Service, Guide Sør, Voss & Fjordane Guideservice, Møre & Trøndelag Guideservice, Arctic Guideservice.
  • Safety Management System - all ECS tours have been risk assessed.
  • FOC representatives can be made available onboard to assist with port lectures, dispatch, hospitality desk and more.
  • Detailed info on the various venues such as number of steps, thresholds, ground surface, seating capacity and more.
  • 24 hours telephone service during the summer season.
  • Well staffed operation - both in the office and during dispatch on the piers.